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Directors Bio

Writer/director, Derrick Parker, will quickly tell you – he is an actor first.

While he has penned other literary pieces, ‘From Faith to Freedom’ is the first feature-length script the actor has written.

Along the way while writing ‘From Faith to Freedom,’ Parker created his production company, WIB-D Productions (if you ever meet him face-to-face, he’ll tell you the humor of “what’s in a name.”)

Parker is a North Carolina native, earning his initial training as an actor in his hometown of Greenville, at East Carolina University. Parker worked in various regional theaters in North Carolina, Kentucky, Florida, Washington DC, and the NYC theater scene before landing (what he calls) his ultimate training as an actor at – the Old Globe Theatre/University of San Diego, MFA graduate program. Among the multiple disciplines the program teaches, it is there that Parker began writing.

Parker has a rich theater resume with nearly three decades of work. Some of those roles include; Carl Lee Hailey in the stage version of, A Time to Kill; Claudius in Hamlet; and Othello, twice performed. His television and film roles continue to grow as well, with Law and Order currently topping the list.

As a collegiate instructor/associate professor, Parker teaches acting and directs. Parker continues to write and is positioning WIB-D Productions to produce scripts by other writers. In the meantime, he’s trying to book his next acting gig.

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