Behind the Story

“From Faith to Freedom,” is a story of exoneration.  The film tells the journey of Mercury Lysander Sinclair; a teenage football star who is imprisoned for a crime he did not commit.  Though the story is fictional, it embodies traits of numerous cases that were researched.

Writer/Director, Derrick Parker states he became interested in the topic after reflecting on events from his life nearly 20 years earlier.  It was then at 18 years of age that he was wrongly accused of a crime, and (then) quickly cleared of any accusations.  When reflecting, Parker says though the events transpired over a short amount of time, it was terrifying nonetheless.  He chuckles as he laments, “You know the phrase:  ‘keep your friends close, and your enemies closer;’ well, I just keep my friends close.”

Two decades later, Parker becomes astonished at what might have happened.  “I stumbled upon this large book in the periodical section of the library.  And it had these massive number of wrongly accused cases.  There were thousands.  I was completely blown away!  I thought to myself, that could have been me.  I am glad God did not choose me for that (laughing).  I’ve been able to make my choices; good, bad, and indifferent.  But there are men (mostly men) who had that taken away from them.  They were robbed of their freedom.  (A line he wrote in his film.)

As an actor (an out of work actor as he puts it), Parker states he wanted to do something about the problem.  “I thought maybe if I can bring the problem to the forefront, perhaps more decisions would be made correct on the front end – instead of the backend.”  Parker adds, “Look, it’s not that I’m trying to save the world, but this (issue) got to me.  The inspiration to be a part of the solution was so overwhelming, I had to see it through.”

‘From Faith to Freedom’ holds no punches.  It’s an in your face, gritty, and emotional film.  “I believe in God.  I’m not perfect.  And like we said during my football playing days – keep gettin’ after it.”

Pray for change; positive change.