WIB-D Productions

WIB-D Productions is trumpeting a victorious tone with stories that include depictions of positive characters, themes, and history; history where astronomical feats have been achieved, but often times underappreciated, overlooked, or purposely ignored.

WIB-D Productions serves as a platform striving for positive change. The company has produced its initial film, ‘From Faith to Freedom.’ As its “lead-off hitter,” this debut film is certain to be a home-run!


A life taken; A life of suffering; A life of redemption

“From Faith to Freedom,” is the heart capturing story of a boy who loses his innocence by being wrongly accused of a crime, then maturing into a man while unjustly imprisoned, and finally trusting in his faith that materializes into a miracle freeing him nearly twenty years later.

Filming was completed throughout the Triad region in NC, utilizing talented cast and crew professionals from across the state, South Carolina, and Virginia.